Maoist China Data Compilation

Data Compiled By Ben and Holden (Credible Archive on Mao's China) (Good Study on The Great Leap Forward) (Marxist Analysis of China's Market Reforms) (Realities of Modern Day China and the "Capitalist Miracle") Sources for our brief history of China: History: The Definitive and Visual Guide, DK Publishing China’s industry grew at up to 10% … Continue reading Maoist China Data Compilation

The Polluting Machinery of Capital

By This is part one of a three-part series on economics and the environment. This first segment will cover our current system’s, capitalism’s, effects on the environment. The second essay will cover the false notion of “green” capitalism. And the series of writings will be finished with an economical solution to ecological problems. Production’s … Continue reading The Polluting Machinery of Capital

Response To Tanner and Jake

By Aaron This is a two-headed response concerning criticisms raised on third worldism. I’ll be responding to both Jake and Tanner, who are, to me, good friends. So without further ado: Jake One point raised by Jake (@Smashing.Nirvana on insta) was; While we must analyze our conditions to effectively build a revolutionary movement, we need … Continue reading Response To Tanner and Jake

Why Revolution Will Not Happen In the First World

Essay by Logan, Edited and Revised by Aaron While plenty of writings exist explaining the justifications for Marxists to focus their attention to parliamentary politics in the first world, while building legitimate revolution elsewhere; however, these writings often find themselves confusing things further, rather than explaining them properly. This writing, then, exists to rectify this, […]

When North Korea Was Actually Best Korea

By Holden Vallei From 1972 to present, the official philosophy of the North Korean government is “Juche”, an ideology which many Marxists, including myself, have dubbed as “Revisionist”, or contradictory to the principles of Marxism-Leninism. I continue to stand by that statement. However, what was North Korea like before that? In my opinion at least, … Continue reading When North Korea Was Actually Best Korea

The DPRK Has A Right To Self-Defense!

By Aaron North Korea has a right to self-defense! This is a line that will have the imperialists scouring for excuses. An article by the BBC titled “North Korea missile test: US allies discuss steps” says; In a conference call, the US reaffirmed its commitment to the security of its two allies, the South's defense … Continue reading The DPRK Has A Right To Self-Defense!

North Korea Myth Busters – Western Media Exposed #1

Essay By Ben Bollinger In this essay, I will be going through frequent lies that have been said about North Korea by the western media and debunking them. Most western attacks on the DPRK are laughable and can easily be disproved with just the smallest bit of critical thinking, but unfortunately the DPRK gets bashed by … Continue reading North Korea Myth Busters – Western Media Exposed #1