Media Bias Under Capitalism

By: Logan O'Hara   The conservatives very often times talk of a liberal bias in the media. President Trump talks about fake news. Liberals tend to laugh at this, and to a degree, rightfully so. However, the conservatives and Trump are wrong not for the reasons liberals think. There is media bias and there is … Continue reading Media Bias Under Capitalism


Economic Overview: Venezuela, Chile, and Bolivia

Essay By Logan (Originally a YouTube Comment) Firstly, let’s examine your claim that Venezuela is socialist. To be socialist, we’d have to assume that the government would be in control of industry, which they simply aren’t. From the 1999 rise of the “socialist” government to today, the private sector controls 71% of industry up from 65% … Continue reading Economic Overview: Venezuela, Chile, and Bolivia

Economic Analysis of Venezuela

Essay By Ben Bollinger I wanted to write this short article giving an economic and political analysis of Venezuela from a leftist’s point of view and see if Venezuela’s current economic state can be linked with the “socialist” rule of Hugo Chavez, so let’s begin: First of all Venezuela is not a socialist state, it simply … Continue reading Economic Analysis of Venezuela