Response to Interventionists

By SovereignMarxist As a heavy anti-imperialist myself, I love hearing people try to justify the actions taken by the United States overseas especially when they go as far to argue that the USA is some beacon of human rights that should patrol the world in hope of setting up democracy and spreading peace and love around the … Continue reading Response to Interventionists


Maoist China Data Compilation

Data Compiled By Ben and Holden (Credible Archive on Mao's China) (Good Study on The Great Leap Forward) (Marxist Analysis of China's Market Reforms) (Realities of Modern Day China and the "Capitalist Miracle") Sources for our brief history of China: History: The Definitive and Visual Guide, DK Publishing China’s industry grew at up to 10% … Continue reading Maoist China Data Compilation

Why Revolution Will Not Happen In the First World

Essay by Logan, Edited and Revised by Aaron While plenty of writings exist explaining the justifications for Marxists to focus their attention to parliamentary politics in the first world, while building legitimate revolution elsewhere; however, these writings often find themselves confusing things further, rather than explaining them properly. This writing, then, exists to rectify this, […]

Foundation of The Fourth Stage of Marxism

Essay By Aaron Benjamin 1.) Recognizing The Issue of our time If we are to stay true to Marxism we shouldn't dogmatically follow Marx and every word he said, but, we should stay true to Marxist analysis and dialectical materialism in order to determine the proper solution for the modern contradictions of capitalism. Capitalism has … Continue reading Foundation of The Fourth Stage of Marxism