Why all Communists should support our Nepali Comrades

By Holden Vallei The Capitalist world has created its narrative of history that in 1991, Communism died forever and would only live in exile on the island of Cuba. This view is often supported by anti-Communists, who claim that there is no point in supporting an ideology that has been forever defeated and has not … Continue reading Why all Communists should support our Nepali Comrades


In Defence of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

By @gecko_vs_the_bourgeoisie (Original Essay) Side note: The structure of this paper will be introduction, structure of state organs, economy and work system, refuting common arguments, and a conclusion. Introduction In this paper, I will be defending the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, henceforth referred to as the DPRK from many unfounded, insourced, and in some … Continue reading In Defence of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Analysis of The GDR (East Germany)

By Ben Bollinger One of the most common arguments against socialism I hear is when people compare and contrast East and West Germany. They'll usually point to the West and say "look how great the economy is with capitalism" then point to the East and say "look how awful things are with socialism." Doing a … Continue reading Analysis of The GDR (East Germany)

Maoist China Data Compilation

Data Compiled By Ben and Holden (Credible Archive on Mao's China) (Good Study on The Great Leap Forward) (Marxist Analysis of China's Market Reforms) (Realities of Modern Day China and the "Capitalist Miracle") Sources for our brief history of China: http://countrystudies.us/china/ History: The Definitive and Visual Guide, DK Publishing China’s industry grew at up to 10% … Continue reading Maoist China Data Compilation

When North Korea Was Actually Best Korea

By Holden Vallei From 1972 to present, the official philosophy of the North Korean government is “Juche”, an ideology which many Marxists, including myself, have dubbed as “Revisionist”, or contradictory to the principles of Marxism-Leninism. I continue to stand by that statement. However, what was North Korea like before that? In my opinion at least, … Continue reading When North Korea Was Actually Best Korea

North Korean Democracy Shines Bright!

Essay By Aaron Benjamin Introduction The deceitful imperialist hounds of the western media attempt to portray the DPRK as a cruel, corrupt, and undemocratic individual dictatorship. Unsurprisingly, the gullible western population, including some so-called “socialists” that are against the DPRK, actually believe this slanderous nonsense and spew it fiercely to try and discredit the nation. … Continue reading North Korean Democracy Shines Bright!

3 Myths About (The DPR)Korea

Essay By Aaron Benjamin This article will go through and dismantle three of the most common anti-DPRK arguments I see—everyone is starving, North Korea is a fascist monarchy, and it's not real socialism—These myths are held to be true by both anti-communists (except for the last one) and surprisingly some communists. Usually first world communists … Continue reading 3 Myths About (The DPR)Korea