Analysis of The GDR (East Germany)

By Ben Bollinger One of the most common arguments against socialism I hear is when people compare and contrast East and West Germany. They'll usually point to the West and say "look how great the economy is with capitalism" then point to the East and say "look how awful things are with socialism." Doing a … Continue reading Analysis of The GDR (East Germany)


Response to Interventionists

By SovereignMarxist As a heavy anti-imperialist myself, I love hearing people try to justify the actions taken by the United States overseas especially when they go as far to argue that the USA is some beacon of human rights that should patrol the world in hope of setting up democracy and spreading peace and love around the … Continue reading Response to Interventionists

Response To Tanner and Jake

By Aaron This is a two-headed response concerning criticisms raised on third worldism. I’ll be responding to both Jake and Tanner, who are, to me, good friends. So without further ado: Jake One point raised by Jake (@Smashing.Nirvana on insta) was; While we must analyze our conditions to effectively build a revolutionary movement, we need … Continue reading Response To Tanner and Jake

The DPRK Has A Right To Self-Defense!

By Aaron North Korea has a right to self-defense! This is a line that will have the imperialists scouring for excuses. An article by the BBC titled “North Korea missile test: US allies discuss steps” says; In a conference call, the US reaffirmed its commitment to the security of its two allies, the South's defense … Continue reading The DPRK Has A Right To Self-Defense!

Response To An AnCap: The Minimum Wage

Essay By Ben Bollinger I will be writing this short essay as a response to an article by ancap.sam on Instagram that you can read here. This is a very old essay, however I just saw it and disagreed with it violently and wanted to give my thoughts on the minimum wage, as well as state some … Continue reading Response To An AnCap: The Minimum Wage

The Death Toll of Capitalism and Communism

Essay By Ben Bollinger Hello reader, this (hopefully) short article will be a response to a section in an article written by “credible” hulk in which he attempts to debunk some points made in an article by PeterSaysStuff in which Peter attempts to calculate the number of people who have died as a result of capitalism and he comes to the … Continue reading The Death Toll of Capitalism and Communism

3 Myths About (The DPR)Korea

Essay By Aaron Benjamin This article will go through and dismantle three of the most common anti-DPRK arguments I see—everyone is starving, North Korea is a fascist monarchy, and it's not real socialism—These myths are held to be true by both anti-communists (except for the last one) and surprisingly some communists. Usually first world communists … Continue reading 3 Myths About (The DPR)Korea