Why all Communists should support our Nepali Comrades

By Holden Vallei The Capitalist world has created its narrative of history that in 1991, Communism died forever and would only live in exile on the island of Cuba. This view is often supported by anti-Communists, who claim that there is no point in supporting an ideology that has been forever defeated and has not … Continue reading Why all Communists should support our Nepali Comrades


Response To Tanner and Jake

By Aaron This is a two-headed response concerning criticisms raised on third worldism. I’ll be responding to both Jake and Tanner, who are, to me, good friends. So without further ado: Jake One point raised by Jake (@Smashing.Nirvana on insta) was; While we must analyze our conditions to effectively build a revolutionary movement, we need … Continue reading Response To Tanner and Jake

Why Revolution Will Not Happen In the First World

Essay by Logan, Edited and Revised by Aaron While plenty of writings exist explaining the justifications for Marxists to focus their attention to parliamentary politics in the first world, while building legitimate revolution elsewhere; however, these writings often find themselves confusing things further, rather than explaining them properly. This writing, then, exists to rectify this, […]

Foundation of The Fourth Stage of Marxism

Essay By Aaron Benjamin 1.) Recognizing The Issue of our time If we are to stay true to Marxism we shouldn't dogmatically follow Marx and every word he said, but, we should stay true to Marxist analysis and dialectical materialism in order to determine the proper solution for the modern contradictions of capitalism. Capitalism has … Continue reading Foundation of The Fourth Stage of Marxism