Want To Contribute? Apply Here!

To apply for the position of Writer at Red Vanguard Press, please copy and paste the questions segment into an email, answer the questions truthfully, and send it to Communismandchill@gmail.com for review. You will be notified upon approval. Contact @Red.vanguard.radio or @Communism.and.chill for questions about the application. [No nazbols or anyone with reactionary tendencies. You must have at least one article somewhere for us to analyze your writing ability. You must also preferably be a Marxist Leninist but we’ll give exceptions if you’re good at what you do]


Red Vanguard Press

Writer application


Full Name:


Date of birth:


Country of residence:


All social media (usernames):


Best way to contact:


(Optional) Anything else about your identity or mediums of contact you think we should note?:



In what general subjects (economics, philosophy, law, history, etc.) would you say you are most well-read in?:


How would you describe your knowledge of Marxism?:


What issues or types of events would you write about?


Will you abide by the principles of democratic centralism and be ready to listen to the leadership whenever necessary?:


Do you have any other sites you are writing for or any other blogs you run?:


What books have you read that have contributed to your knowledge in Marxism? List all that you can recall:


What would you describe your ideology as (Marxist, Anarchist, Hoxhaist, etc.)?:


What are your views on violence?:


What are your views on social issues?:
(Optional) Anything else relating to your background or ideology that you think we should note?:


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