The DPRK Has A Right To Self-Defense!

By Aaron

North Korea has a right to self-defense!

This is a line that will have the imperialists scouring for excuses. An article by the BBC titled “North Korea missile test: US allies discuss steps” says;

In a conference call, the US reaffirmed its commitment to the security of its two allies, the South’s defense ministry said in a statement.

South Korean news agency Yonhap also said US F-22 stealth fighters and a nuclear-powered submarine would join military exercises next month.

The UN has also condemned the test.

The Security Council called it a grave violation of UN resolutions and urged members to “redouble their efforts” to enforce sanctions on North Korea.

Following North Korea’s nuclear test in September, the Security Council adopted a resolution which, if enforced, would sharply restrict coal and metal exports from the country.

Let’s not forget that AmeriKKKa and the UN sat back without a care while Puppet Korea sat back and executed 60,000 of its own citizens for suspect of being communists [1]. But they instantly spring to the front of the humanitarian/peace crowd when Real Korea wants to defend itself and its people of the absolute destruction and rape that an Amerikkkan invasion would bring, as we’ve seen in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Such atrocities include chemical weapons, “kill games”, torture, and literal rape. [2] Is it such a crime to want to defend yourself from this?

It’s no surprise by now, we all know Amerikkka invades to expand its monstrous grip around the planet in the name of profit. But the citizens who are the masters of the Korean state have demonstrated, by building nuclear weapons, that they will not have it.

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un has said many times that their nukes will only be used for defensive purposes. A direct quote from the supreme leader himself; “our Republic will not use a nuclear weapon unless its sovereignty is encroached upon by any aggressive hostile forces with nukes”[3]

So yes, AmeriKKKA, what are you worried about? If you’re the champion of freedom and democracy that you claim you are, why would you have an issue with the people of Korea building defensive nukes? Don’t you have thousands yourself? Or do you feel threatened that you cannot expand your vicious capitalist imperialist arms into the rest of Korea like you did in Puppet Korea? If so, good. Feel threatened. The people of Korea shouldn’t have to bear the torture, rape, destruction and murder you bring to every country you “liberate”.

Solidarity with the workers of Korea!


The Imperialist Propaganda:





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