Rest In Pease Kim Il-Sung

Essay By Aaron Benjamin

Today (July 8th as time of writing) in 1994 marks the death of comrade Kim il sung, first leader and founder of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It has been rough over the last few decades but every day since the establishment of the DPRK it has been, without a doubt, only improving. There have been some massive bumps along the way due to economic sanctions, weather, and the imperialist powers constantly threatening the sovereignty and safety of the DPRK and its people, not to mention the absolutely slanderous and baseless lies and assertions about the DPRK constantly thrown at them by corporate western media.

The DPRK has massive political involvement by its people displayed in its vibrant democracy. Elections are held once every five years where the people of North Korea elect a legislature (supreme people’s assembly) and local representatives (people’s assemblies). The leading party in the supreme people’s assembly is the workers party of Korea followed by the social Democratic Party and then the chondoist party. The Supreme people’s assembly even has 8 independent politicians that hold seats in the legislature and make up 1.16% of all of seats. That’s more independent politicians in the legislature than even the United States has. Voter turnout is also far superior in the DPRK, at a high 98% on average compared to the United States at 50-60%.

Since the revolution, life expectancy has nearly doubled thanks to socialist planning of the healthcare system. In the 1930s the average life expectancy for North Koreans was 38 years old and today in North Korea it has increased to nearly 70 years of age. On top of that, in North Korea there is 1 doctor for about every 370 people, roughly that of the USA. Except that in North Korea, healthcare is also a right so that means everyone has access to these doctors as the simple act of wanting to stay alive when you’re sick has not been commodified like it has under many capitalist systems leaving many poor to die just because they don’t have necessary funds.

The DPRK also has other essential rights it guarantees to all of its people such as housing and education, higher and lower. The literacy rate in North Korea is universal, virtually every single person in the DPRK can read and write.

One of the best things about the DPRK (along with, Russia, Syria, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela and more… All of which listed above constantly lied about and hated in corporate western media… I wonder why) is owning its own bank that prints its own money debt free, as opposed to most capitalist nations including the USA with a privately owned Rothschild bank that prints money with debt, making an inextinguishable debt that traps nations as long as they allow it to happen.

North Korea, like any state, is not perfect. It has many flaws and disadvantages and is in a very difficult spot. But if you look past the bombardment of western lies constantly slandering the DPRK and its people, you will find a nation with a rich culture, beautiful landscape and spirit. A nation that is constantly improving economically and politically and only seeks to be sovereign and left alone.

Kim sung il would be very happy to see all of the improvements in the DPRK today. Thanks to him, the people of North Korea will continue to prosper and build socialism until the day imperialism collapses (on such a day they can start a communist transition)

Rest in peace comrade Kim sung il. 🇰🇵
(Oh, and weed is legal in the DPRK ✌🏻️)


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