Che Guevara Myths Refuted

  Today October ninth, 2017, marks the 50th anniversary of the death of one of the left’s most recognizable heroes, Ernesto “Che” Guevara. To call Che controversial would be an understatement, I'd go as far as to call him the most controversial political figure of the 20th century. Especially as of late, with the rise … Continue reading Che Guevara Myths Refuted


The End of RT America?

By: Logan O'Hara Much attention has been given to the recently passed defense budget. Calling for an $80 billion annual budget expansion, the United States continues its policy of prioritizing protection from a non-existent threat over helping end world hunger, or even hunger within its own borders. However, there’s far more to the bill than … Continue reading The End of RT America?

Myanmar: Explained

By: Logan O'Hara Described often as the “World’s most persecuted minority”, the Rohingya people have long been on the receiving end of intense oppression. Their plight has recently come to the mainstream media’s attention, but, like so many other World issues, with little in the way of proper explanation. I write this essay with the … Continue reading Myanmar: Explained

Media Bias Under Capitalism

By: Logan O'Hara   The conservatives very often times talk of a liberal bias in the media. President Trump talks about fake news. Liberals tend to laugh at this, and to a degree, rightfully so. However, the conservatives and Trump are wrong not for the reasons liberals think. There is media bias and there is … Continue reading Media Bias Under Capitalism

Reply to an AnCap (Hoodie Demon)

Our publisher first tries to invoke the definition of capitalism as an argument for why government activity cannot be associated with it. However this ignores what capitalism is. Take socialism for example, socialism is technically defined as worker ownership of the means of production, however the workers simply owning the means of production does not … Continue reading Reply to an AnCap (Hoodie Demon)

Why all Communists should support our Nepali Comrades

By Holden Vallei The Capitalist world has created its narrative of history that in 1991, Communism died forever and would only live in exile on the island of Cuba. This view is often supported by anti-Communists, who claim that there is no point in supporting an ideology that has been forever defeated and has not … Continue reading Why all Communists should support our Nepali Comrades

Want To Contribute? Apply Here!

To apply for the position of Writer at Red Vanguard Press, please copy and paste the questions segment into an email, answer the questions truthfully, and send it to for review. You will be notified upon approval. Contact or @Communism.and.chill for questions about the application. [No nazbols or anyone with reactionary tendencies. You … Continue reading Want To Contribute? Apply Here!